Guest Testimonials

See what others have to say about Gateway Canyons Resort.

Created by Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks, it’s no surprise that this western Colorado resort is teeming with adventure. Whether you want to cool off on a rafting trip down the Dolores River, challenge your family to a hike up to Juanita Arch or explore historic mining sites aboard an ATV, Gateway Canyons has it. But something that’s really caught our eye is the Curiosity Adventures, which is made up of expert-led hands-on workshops and presentations (and plenty of adventure in between). Each day features two trail rides (thanks to the team at the Gateway Canyons Stables), followed by an afternoon and evening series addressing the most curious subjects like does time exist? What happened on the Titanic? Curiosity Adventures is a weekly series with various themes, and it’s a great way to keep your brain working while satisfying your thrill-seeking side.
– Hayley Bosch, Contributor Forbes Magazine




Upon our arrival at your facility starting at the check-in desk, we were given a taste of the services we were to receive for the next few days with you. Every step and every adventure we embarked on from your facility, we had someone trying to help us in some way or another. Your restaurant has a value that extends very much beyond the food. Everyone that served us was friendly and professional. Your food was always great and the service was great. One young lady in particular charmed not only me and my wife, but many in our group every time we came in contact with her in the restaurant. Her name was Carolina I believe. This young one is over here from Chile, working to fund her dreams and future. I am sure that I don’t have to tell you that she is special. I think my wife is considering adopting her. She most certainly adds value and charm to your resort.

The lady that took care of our room from day to day was excellent. She always seemed to go out of her way to make sure our room was perfect. There was a young man by the name of Richard that worked at the front desk. Richard was always “over the top” helpful. Your spa manager also charmed my wife. She along with being very professional, was a very personal and likeable young lady.

Dawn and Rebecca at the Adventure Center were also always “over the top” helpful. They knew the area, terrain and overall country for any adventures you were willing to submit to. I do not want to take away any credit from everyone else that we came in contact with. I do not remember every ones names, but everyone at your resort that we came in contact with were assets and a value to your resort.

We thought you deserved to hear what a crackerjack job you and your staff are doing. We commend you and yours for a job well done. We look forward to another visit. Regards.
– Mike Pierce, Albuquerque, NM



I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what a wonderful time we had at your facility. The upgrade was a wonderful surprise! The accommodations were beautiful, food was fantastic and the staff was great to work with. We received an informative tour of the museum and they even helped us find the game in the Kiva Café Sunday morning. We told ourselves we would get up there from the day I toured with the VCB (I think that was 2005) and it just didn’t happen. I’m sorry we waited so long but it was well worth it. I’m glad to see the project continuing to grow given the economy. Thank you again for a fabulous get away!
 – Leigh Ann



Frozen ice that curls like rapids, crispy air that catches breezes; it’s December. Five generations of family travelers seldom came here ‘mongst these marvels.

Buttes half a mountain high with red desert varnish, vanish through side canyons, though not diminish. Gateway to the West and gateways to the canyons; we surrender to the gateways within ourselves. Watch the river on the left, now the river on the right.

Sage, yucca, cactus, pine. Apricot-colored willows in a visual line. Leafless cottonwoods grow, life within, not lifeless. Coyotes, rabbits, hawk, elk—timeless.

History is here: the Spanish came this way, they say. Mid-1700 explorers and discoverers—a name? Escalante. Heroic exploration with wills to know what’s ‘round the next river turn and a chance to grow.

The river on the left, now the river on the right. Canyons of leaping ledges and uncertain endings; sediment-seeping waterfall crystals, white in the sun, white as the ice on the river run. For thousands of years the river runs. Cliffs dominant but intimate, independent but engaging. Backlit cliff-caves in slickrock like bear-claws’ aspen-bark gougings. Massive redstone tablets for writing, but vastness of silence and no one near.

The river on the left, now the river on the right. And—slight though it is—some evidence of mining, striking mills on hills and cliff-ledge tailings. A one-of-a-kind hanging flume looks like a railing, but no one near. Lines of force in lines of stone bear testament to the unknown. Mystery, magic, pinon-pine canyons lead imagination to new expansions. In the end, let’s say it this way: Being here is re-discovery. Gateway gives us breadth and beauty, Sharing in your motto fully: EXPLORE. DISCOVER. BREATHE.
– poem by Candice L. Miller, PHD



I’m a fifth-generation Coloradan, am a stalwart fan of Gateway Canyons for multiple reasons, and this year’s visit was the 5th year for our family. The first included my father and his nurse/companion when Gateway was just being built. Every time we go, I am further impressed with the integrity with which this vision was conceived and is being carried out. I speak with staff when I visit and every single staff member is consistent: The place is wonderful, the seasonal activities are fun, and they love the area and the vision for Gateway.

All this by way of saying that I truly appreciate the hard work and emphasis on a private yet comprehensive experience on the Dolores near the Colorado Plateau. Please find attached my humble effort to express my love for the area.

Happy New Year and best regards, – Candice L. Miller




(From our 2009 Alegre Retreat participants):
We are still talking about our stay at Gateway Canyons and telling people what a great time we had. The entire experience including the lodging, museum, your people, and the trip in and out of the area are truly hidden treasures. Three couples, traveling in our “older” cars stopped there on the long way to Alamosa for the Early Iron festival on Labor Day weekend. A friend from a Model T club told us about it and this year, we added it to our Early Iron trip. I even called him from Gateway to thank him for the tip.

I’d like to share a few of the things that I considered to be “above and beyond”:

Starting with reservations…the gentleman that took the call assured me that we were welcome and even had a “motor head” package for people just like us….neat. He was courteous, professional and well versed on your options. He took the time to explain and I never felt rushed. I almost felt as though you’d be waiting for us to arrive! And you were!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with the same professionalism and welcome feeling. Once again, we were given lots of options for fun stuff and needs. Once in the rooms, we were impressed at the quality of the rooms and the beautiful surroundings. The hand manicured plantings, gardens, fountains, and surrounding grounds looked to have a “welcome” sign at every glance. Your little note in each room offering thanks and assistance topped off the feeling of personal care. Wow! If that’s the effect you were looking for, you’ve done it!

We spent a lot of time the next morning seeing the museum, walking the grounds, and enjoying the shops, bicycles, and restaurant. Even your maintenance staff greeted us like old friends every time we walked by. As a person who has spent a career in management, I am quite aware that behavior of this sort doesn’t just “happen”. Someone starts with the idea of excellence in service and it is practiced and reinforced on a daily basis. The maintenance of this type of customer service is in need of constant attention to keep it at the level that you have achieved. It says a lot for the type of people you hire and how you treat them.

Our hats are off to your entire staff, the management, and the idea you have put together at your facility. You are presenting a product to the public that has disappeared over the years. When we see it, I think it takes us all by surprise. Being genuine “motorheads” and loving the title, our first reason for coming was the museum. It was worth the trip by itself. What a nice arrangement and great selection of cars! You have brought that attraction to another level with your excellent attitudes and customer service. We are anxious to get back and have your May car show on our calendar.

Thanks for everything! – Jim and Marcy Elmer, Clarkdale, AZ