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Stay Near Arches National Park

Find out why Gateway Canyons Resort is the best resort close to Arches National Park

Incredible Color, Scenery And Rock Formations

Arches National Park features a rugged landscape of intense colors, amazing natural rock formations and scenic vistas unlike anywhere else in the world. With over 75,000 acres in the Colorado Plateau of southeast Utah, this high desert showcases stunning red rock arches, pinnacles, spires and naturally balanced rock structures.

For Visitors Of All Ages

There have been over 2000 arches documented within the park boundaries. Many of these attractions are easily visible from the road, whereas there are plenty of hiking trails to allow the adventurous to see more. The park also offers ranger-led interpretive programs, guided hikes and a visitor center

Beauty Near Comfort.

With the Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa a mere 2.5 hour drive away, staying in the hotel near Arches National Park permits visitors to experience an exhilarating day of natural beauty while being pampered in a luxury lodge at night.

Scenic Drives

The Arches scenic drive allows visitors to experience several natural rock formations from the comfort of their own vehicle. The route also grants access to most of the popular trailheads and viewpoints overlooking prominent landmarks. Make it a short 1.5 hour tour or spend the whole day taking in the formidable sights.

Popular Park Attractions

Delicate Arch - This 60 foot tall, free standing, red rock arch is the park’s most popular and iconic draw.

Devil’s Garden Trail - A hiking trail featuring several rock fins and arches including the park’s longest, the Landscape Arch.

Fiery Furnace Hike - A maze-like assemblage of tight canyons that compose a ranger guided hiking trail.

The Windows - A highly concentrated collection of arches and possibly the most scenic area of the park.

Balanced Rock - A massive rock balanced on a thin column that seemingly defies gravity.

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