Driven Experiences

Welcome to Driven Experiences at Gateway Canyons, Colorado.

Driven Experiences was created for every automobile enthusiast seeking to explore their world by car. Providing a variety of driving and riding experiences to suit every taste for adventure. Drive one of our road ready rentals for the day and see the canyon lands, join our exclusive

Driven Rentals

Driven rentals puts you behind the wheel
Jump into the driver's seat with Driven Rentals today and ready yourself for an experience to remember. This is more than a Resort amenity – this is living!

Contact & Questions:

The Driven rentals showroom is open 7 days a week, 9:00am – 5:00pm, April 15 – October 15

Driven Club

Join a club you could really get into
As a member of this club you will have access to a suite of some of the most exclusive and exotic luxury vehicles on the market today. The privileges of this membership are truly perspective changing.

Find out more about all of the Driven Experiences offering at our website or visit the Concierge in our showroom at Gateway Canyons Resort.