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Stay Near Western Colorado National Forests

Stay at Gateway Canyons Resort on your way to Western Colorado National Forests

Grand Mesa, Uncompaghre and Gunnison National Forests.

Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa enjoys a prime location that’s an easy drive to three of Colorado’s most popular national forests known collectively as the Grand Mesa, Uncompaghre and Gunnison (GMUG) National Forests. As the premium luxury hotel near Western Colorado national forests, Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa encourages its guests to experience the natural splendor of these treasured public lands.

Recreational Activities

The GMUG National Forests provide a wide range of activities for over 2 million visitors a year. Some of the recreational pastimes include downhill and cross country skiing, snowmobiling, offroading, hunting, fishing, backcountry hiking and camping and mountain biking. The forests, mineral and water resources, fisheries and wildlife are managed by five Forest Ranger Districts who preside over more than 3 million acres of land. There are over three thousand miles of trails and routes available to the public for taking in the rugged scenery and backcountry solitude.

Special Heritage Places

The GMUG National Forests offer a plethora of historical sites that include the Alpine Tunnel, a favorite among railway enthusiasts, ghost towns, North America’s highest fire lookout, historic cabins, forts and ranger stations and abandoned mines. There are also plenty of interpretive sites and displays to help visitors understand the backstory of this rough hewn territory.


The GMUG accommodates a wide assortment of wildlife with herds of elk totalling over 55,000, mule deer numbering over 150,000 as well as bighorn sheep, moose, lynx, black bears, mountain lions and many other mammals. Bird watchers are particularly attracted to the GMUG as the forests act as both a year round home and a stopover for migratory birds. The forests’ lakes, ponds and streams boast several varieties of trout, northern pike and other fish species.

Make A Reservation At Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa

If you plan on visiting the Grand Mesa, Uncompaghre and Gunnison National Forests, make your trip unforgettable and make a reservation at the Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa. As a luxurious and award winning destination, Gateway Canyons offers modern amenities surrounded by natural beauty.