Take a helicopter tour of Colorado

Colorado Air Tours

Take your experience to a higher level and join us for an air tour around the Colorado canyons!

Gateway Canyons Air Tours are designed around your schedule and will open your eyes to the wondrous landscape that surrounds Gateway Canyons from a bird’s eye view. Spectacular red rock canyons, monoliths and mesas, snow capped mountains, lakes and rivers – these are the land formations of western Colorado and eastern Utah – geologically diverse in such a concentrated area!

Helicopter tours of Colorado

Air Tours

Gateway Canyons Air Tours offers the unique and unforgettable experience of flying over some of the most spectacular scenery in the world! Our guests not only see the scenic beauty from under the beautiful blue skies of Colorado, but they learn about the fascinating lore and legends of western Colorado and eastern Utah.

Tour operations are based out of:

  • Grand Junction and Gateway, Colorado for scenic tours of the Rocky Mountains Western Slope
  • The mountain resort towns (Aspen & Telluride, Colorado and Moab, Utah) for astonishing scenic flights in and around the mountainss
  • Moab, Utah - A luxury ground tour of Arches National Park from Canyonlands airport

Helicopter tours of Colorado's natural beauty

Our Aircraft

Our Eurocopter
Our Eurocopter AStar B3’s exceptional visibility, range and power (847 horsepower engine), combined with a quiet cabin make it ideal for scenic tours. This helicopter has been appointed with leather seats, and a luxurious interior. Passengers are treated to state-of-the art, noise-cancelling Bose headsets for ease of conversation in the cabin and with the pilot.

Gateway Canyons AirTours pilots

Our Pilots

Our pilots always delight our guests - ready to answer questions and provide aircraft positioning for spectacular photos!

Al Sisson
Chief Operating Officer
Retired Lt. Col. after serving 24 years in the U.S. Marines, has over 3,000 hours flying time including 2,400 hours in the AV-8B Harrier. Served in Bosnia in 1995 and Iraq from 2003 -2008. His last assignment before retiring was the Commanding Officer of Marine Attack Squadron 542.

Helicopter tours of Colorado's natural beauty


Q: What geographic areas and land formations do you see from the air?
A: The land formations of western Colorado and eastern Utah offer geological diversity in a very concentrated area with spectacular red rock canyons, monoliths and mesas, snowcapped mountains, lakes and rivers. We fly at a lower altitude than commercial airlines, so we are able to provide our guests with a more intimate and memorable view of the spectacular terrain. 

Q: How long are typical air tours?  

A: Tours of any length can be arranged, but the most popular are the 30 minute tours. We can do as little as 15 minutes or as long as 2 hours, or any custom tour.

Q: How many people on board? What is capacity? 

A: It varies – anything from you and your camera to a full group of family and friends.

Q: Helicopter:

A: We can accommodate as many as 5 passengers.

Q: What makes Gateway Canyons Air Tours special?

  • A: The professionalism and efficiency of our crew and operation - our briefing before each flight gives our guests great comfort and insight into the adventure they're about to experience. 
  • A: The absolute thrill of flying over breathtaking scenery in the luxury and comfort of our various aircraft.  We offer an intimate look at the desert splendor and mountain majesty - unique from any other flight experience you have likely ever had.
  • A: Our guests find themselves immersed in the regional narrative about the areas we tour. With views of the spectacular Western Colorado and Eastern Utah landscapes, as well as the in-depth, perspectives that go with them, guests can experience what many people say is a 'must do' for their 'bucket list.'

Q: Pricing:

A: Gateway Canyons Air Tours is a custom scenic flight company. If you and your friends want to go to Aspen, Moab, Gateway, Telluride or Vail for lunch, shopping or golf for the day, we can provide you that luxury for a very affordable price.

Gateway Canyons AirTours

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