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Winter Activities in Gateway

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Scenic Horseback Ride

Come and ride in beautiful red rock country with an ever changing, 360-degree view, of the cliffs and the five canyons that come together at Gateway. This is a beginner friendly ride.

Preferred Winter Rate: $80

Half Day Ride

Our half-day ride is a longer experience. On this ride we can make the big loop, riding at the base of the red rock cliffs. During the ride, Wranglers share fascinating facts about area’s riches and history. Horses are a hot topic too with our expert Wranglers! We recommend an intermediate riding level before taking this ride but can accommodate beginners.

Preferred Winter Rate: $150

Ride Your Way

Our custom ride caters to you. This ride is ideal for those looking for something other than the “standard” trail ride. We can incorporate activities such as walk, trot canter, advanced horsemanship, and a more relaxed riding experience without the structure of a trail ride. All activities are pending a riding evaluation from a wrangler.

Preferred Winter Rate: $115

Pony Ride

Our young friends can come and enjoy riding our horses as well. On this ride we lead the horse to ensure a safe and positive experience. We go out from the corral on a little walk through the pastures.

Preferred Winter Rate: $55


Driven Experiences

There is no place on earth more spectacularly situated or divinely designated for driving, than here in the red rock country surrounding Gateway Canyons. For an experience you’ll never forget, plan to rent one of our exciting cars. Minimum age to drive is 25yrs old. Must have a valid driver’s license and proof of car insurance, 2-person minimum.

Class 1: $100/2-3hr
Class 2: $175/2-3hr
Class 3: $325/2-3hr
Class 4/Tesla: 2 hour rate

Regular Rate: $185/person / Preferred Winter Rate: $150/person

Adventure Center

Beaver Creek UTV Tour
2- 2.5-hour tour along the valley floor into Utah, with amazing views of The Palisade and Dolores River. Must be 8+ yrs old

Preferred Winter Rate: $200++ (two-seater machine), $300++ (four-seater machine)

Jeep: Preferred Winter Rate - $95++


Whether heading out into the vast western landscape or strolling the resort grounds, you’ll find a hiking adventure to suit your style. Self-guided hiking experiences are charted on adventure maps for guests who prefer a solo trek in the wilderness and backcountry. Love to learn? Expert-led tours are offered for one to learn the History, Geology, Flora and Fauna, etc of the surrounding area.

Gateway Hikes

2hr, located next to Resort, easy to moderate, guided or non-guided, max 10guests per guide

$50pp++, 2-person minimum

Shooting Range

Learn valuable techniques from our veteran instructors that will have you hitting the bullseye in no time, each lesion is tailored to our guests.

Pistol shooting

If you have ever thought about becoming a better marksman this is the class for you. Learn valuable techniques from our veteran instructors that will have you hitting the bullseye in no time. From beginner to the experienced shooter, everyone will enjoy the steel target shooting gallery. Shoot a variety of today’s most popular pistols from Glock, Springfield, and Colt. Minimum age is 16 yrs old: $150pp++ (2-person minimum, 6-person maximum, 1hr)

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Fun for the whole family. Learn to shoot clay pigeons in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. From beginner to the most experienced, each class is tailored to the individual guest. Start by shooting one clay pigeon at a time and end with shooting multiple targets from unpredictable locations. Minimum age is 16 yrs old

$125pp++ (2-person minimum, 6-person maximum, 1.5hr)

Modern Sporting Rifles

Shoot some of today’s most popular rifles. Start with shooting steel targets at 100 yards and once you are comfortable try your hand at up to 500 yards away. This is a fun class that gives you the chance to shoot AR platform and bolt-action rifles. Minimum age is 16 yrs old

$150pp++ (2-person minimum, 10-person maximum, 1.5hr)

Ultimate Shooting Experience

Combine all three shooting experiences for $200pp++ OR you can pick two of the shooting classes for $175pp++: Minimum age is 16 yrs old: 2-hour duration and minimum of 4 guests.


Hanging Flume Trip

On this excursion, we travel down Highway 141 to visit the feat of engineering and learn about the mining, ranching, and outlaw heritage of the area. Guided tour, approximately 2 hours, $75pp++, $65++.

Dinosaur Track and Geology Excursion

We will examine and explore some of the best persevered Dinosaur track sites in the area. This is a guided tour, approx. 90 minutes


Unaweep Canyon Trip

Explore the beautiful Unaweep-Tabeguache Scenic Byway while learning about the fascinating geology, stories of outlaws, and visit the famed Driggs Mansion where we learn about historic archaeology and historic preservation. This is a guided tour, approximately 2 hours.

Preferred Winter Rate - $65++.

Guided Geology and Natural History Hikes

Explore the history, geology, and natural history of the Gateway. This is a guided tour, time ranges from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

$35-$75 per person. Standard tour is 90 minutes. $35pp++.

Roc Creek Rock Art Hike

People have been using and living in the canyons around Gateway for thousands of years. This guided tour will guide you to images that were carved into sandstone one thousand years ago, 3 hours


John Christian Cabin Hike

Visit the remains of the hermit John Christian’s cabin who worked for the famous Club Ranch. His life story is one filled with mystery and intrigue and the hike offers stunning views of the Dolores River and Hanging Flume. Guided tour and hike, 3 hours


A Moab Adventure

All-day program, this program would take guests over John Brown Road with a stop at the dinosaur track site and on the scenic Highway 128 along the Colorado River into Moab. Minimum 2 people


Family Activities

Jeep Rentals

Please see driven rentals page.

Pony Rides

This ride is for our little cowboys and cowgirls. We will saddle them up and lead them down their own little trail. Minimum age is 2 years old. $55pp++ at Resort Ranch


Geocaching (Treasure Hunt)

$25 GPS rental

Interactive hours with Curator of Curiosity

Meet the Curator of Curiosity in the Red Rocks Interpretive Center to ask questions or discuss local history, geology, natural history, archaeology, or paleontology. Display cases with local artifacts, dinosaur tracks, and historic photos on display. Hands-on activities including create your own rock art, Native American traditional games, and create your own brand are offered free of charge (30-minute lectures on rock art, uranium mining, ancient astronomy, and Gateway area history).

Learn about Dinosaurs and Geology (Dinosaur Track & Geology Tour)

Adventure through one of the last truly remote, rugged, and isolated areas in western Colorado, Sinbad Valley where we will learn about who has all lived there and their stories. After the drive into Sinbad we will visit the 200-million-year-old dinosaur and proto-mammal. Guided hike, approximately 1.5 hours


Tour the Auto Museum and Fast Cars

Our on-site Gateway Auto Museum is home to over 50 vehicles. The self-guided tour takes you back in time and begins with a 1906 Cadillac and goes through a hundred years of automotive history to Jimmy Johnson’s NASCAR.

HD Theatre

Choose from a variety of Discovery shows at our on-site private movie theatre. Please ask the Front Desk for show times