Off-Road Touring

Access the back-country and explore our area's countless off-road UTV and Colorado Jeep trails.

Rent one of our beefy Jeeps and set out with our guides into the rugged wilderness landscape to historic mining sites. Guided tours on UTVs are also available.

Jeep Tours

Our Colorado Jeep tours include the Calamity Camp/Niche Road, Beaver Creek Homestead, Land of the Dinosaurs and Sinbad Valley. Our most popular tour is John Brown Canyon/Dolores Point Mesa, which provides outstanding views of the area. Watch the river bend across the state border into Utah and enjoy panoramic views of Dolores River Canyon into Gateway, the towering La Sal Mountains, and even into the distant Spanish Valley.

We offer both five- and seven-hour tours, both include lunch. So fasten your seatbelt, because this is definitely going to be a bumpy (but exciting!) ride!

For more information and prices, please contact the resort at 970-931-2458.

UTV Tours

Easily the most exhilarating tour series offered at Gateway Canyons, thrill yourself and friends with one of our UTV adventures. Trips are offered for two or four people per vehicle and average between 2-4 hours in length.

• Calamity Camp (Uncompaghre Plateau Tour)
• Dolores Point
• Outlaw Cabins
• Beaver Creek Homestead
• Rattlesnake Point

Driven Experiences

Rent one of our luxury vehicles for that experience of a lifetime. Take a day trip to Telluride, CO or Moab, UT or simply enjoy the scenery near Gateway. Choose from such vehicle brands like Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, Tesla amongst others.

Rentals require proof of insurance and valid driver’s license.

4, 6, 9 and 24 hour rentals available.

See the Driven Club upon arrival or call 970-931-2458 for more info.